The 1GZ-FE is an engine made by Toyota for the Century limousine. The priority was smoothness while building, but builders are finding when you take the stock limits off and upgrade a few parts you get an engine that makes monster torque and wants to rev to the moon

“Still can’t understand why anyone would want a rotary over a 1GZ.” Nelson Hartley

Engine Information

Listed below will be links to information about the engine that I’ve collected throughout the build and while communicating with other builders


Basic Engine Specs

Specs and dimensions for the stock engine


Modification Paths

General paths builders have taken for these engines


Substitute parts

Stock parts are hard to find and some are not made anymore. This is a list of known substitutions



Details on sensors and electronics used in builds


About Me

Novice builder making this page to document the process and any information I find to help alleviate the confusion for future builders.