Porsche 944 turbo

Code Name: Alice, the B-Rabbit

Year: 1986

Engine:  2.5L Inline 4-Cylinder, Turbo

Nicknamed the bastard Porsche, it really stood out in a line of rear engined cars. Also called the poor man’s Porsche since it was for people who couldn’t afford 911s.

This one has gone through several waves of modifications, and is near it’s final state. At least until the next thing breaks….


ford Mustang fastback

Code Name: Shinigami

Year: 1969

Engine:  Voodoo 5.2L V8 Flat Plane Crank, NA

This thing has been passed from shop to shop with each one failing to finish. The last one is finally making progress, but never again will a shop work on one of our cars. DIY everything from now on. Lesson learned.

The Shinigami is powered by a Voodo engine- we wanted something unique, but not so crazy we couldn’t sell it once done.

 which is likely since I have nothing but distaste for car restorations after my experience with this one.


Chevrolet camaro

Code Name: NA

Year: 1971

Engine:  5L V8 LS, NA

Yet another reminder as to why to never use another shop. Obtained in 2019 this went to a shop to get the front end and suspension upgraded since we were too busy to do it ourselves at the time and it drove like a boat. Mistake.

3 years later and it’s still not done. Admittedly they’re doing far more than we had planned, if we had done it ourselves we’d be quite far along and have picked up some skills of our own.


Chevrolet C10 Stepside

Code Name: Blue jeans

Year: 1972

Engine:  LS_, Naturally Aspirated

It’s got patina. Got this from a shop building our Camaro. It looked good but had some minor issues so we’ve been pushing it from a good to a great build.

This involved redoing the bench seat and interior carpeting, rewiring the entire truck, adding an Air lift 3H/3P system to remove the mechanical air lift, and creating a new gauge cluster.


Tesla Model 3 (Full Self Driving beater)

Code Name: Nervous Energy

Year: 2018

Engine:  Electric Motor, 75kwh pack

This car is refreshing after driving the others. Modifying it is a challenge since the effects on range are very noticeable. it requires a different approach. Nonetheless, it’s on Mountain Pass Performance Coilovers with custom Forgestar CF5V wheels

This car has the full self driving beta, and testing it and seeing it improve is great. It’s a completely different car from when I bought it in 2018