A collection of Related Nodes


You may be wondering what a node is

It can be many things but the simplest explanation would be a place where two paths intersect or branch off from.

That might leave you wondering what a path is, and for good reason. A path could be anything. It’s just a way to connect points A and B.Points A and B could be anything: a hobby, a project worked on, a concept, a belief. Anything.

In this case the Central Node represents the starting point for all projects, careers, hobbies, and areas of research I work on.

Everything in this world is connected, if you trace back any path far enough you might arrive at some central node if it exists. However, it’s hard to call one thing the central node. Maybe we call the Big bang the central node for everything in our universe since everything in existence can be traced back to it.

Is it truly the central node?

Maybe, maybe not. However, we can say it’s the central node if we define our frame of reference a certain way.

So what is this site?

This site is my central node. It’s what I work on as I see it: once place to link to everything else.