Hoping to move towards a career that’s interesting this year, so I spent some time researching and collecting a few pieces of advice I liked: to have decicion making herusitics that help guide you (Naval), and to decide on 6 starting principles and remind yourself of them daily until they’re memorized (Julian Shapiro).


Decision Making Heuristics:

  • “When faced with a difficult choice, if you cannot decide, the answer is no” Naval
    • Moving to a new city could be a 10-20 year decision. You have to be set on it since there are nearly endless options and you might miss out on an opportunity that pops up after.
  • “If you have 2 choices to make, and they’re relatively equal difficulty (50–50), take the path that is more difficult and more painful in the short term.” Naval
    • Taking the one that is less painful in the short term often means sacrificing more in the long term due to the brain’s tendency for conflict avoidance.
  • “Make the choice that will leave you more equanimous (calmer and peaceful) in the long term. If you chase happiness instead what you’re actually chasing is pleasure.” Naval
    • This helps avoid regrets
  • If something is expensive to do or make, then ask yourself: would it still be expensive at scale? If the answer is yes then the process is the issue. Elon Musk
    • Another form of this is that simplicity is the end goal in design


My 6 Starting Principles:

Inspired by this Julian Shapiro thread.

  1. Create and adventurer card and become the most powerful mage
  2. Be a net creator.
  3. Avoid perfectionism and therefore despair.
    • “Luck is a function of surface area” so you need to make as many moves as you can.
  4. Don’t fall into the “Valley of disappointment.” Growth happens slowly then goes exponential.
  5. Work like a Lion not a Cow. “We have limited time in life, so enormous success can only come from having superior judgement, not from working harder.” -Jordi Alexander
  6. The end result must be beautiful





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