Creating Parts using Fusion360 isn’t terribly hard, but is a bit of a process and easy to forget. This post will document the steps for future reference.

I learned how to do it from this YouTube video.


  1. Create part in fusion 360
  2. Switch from design to CAM
  3. Setup:
    1. change operation type to cutting
    2. stop box at bottom left corner
  4. Click cutting operation
    1. Select tool
      1. Samples
      2. operation type: cutting
      3. Select .04 plasma
    2. cutting mode: auto
    3. feed rate 80 in/min
  5. Geometry
    1. select object
  6. Add Tabs if necessary


  1. If you have warnings
    1. Linking constraints
      1. lead in too big to fit into hole
      2. change parameters for lead in

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